Brickstream + Nomi = The Largest Player in Physical Analytics

Brickstream + Nomi =

The Largest Player in Physical Analytics.

Together Brickstream and Nomi offer the most comprehensive platform to help retailers deliver the best possible in-store experience.

One platform to enhance every aspect
of your in-store experience


Nomi Mobile

Create amazing in-store experiences

Our beacons communicate with your loyal customers at the exact right moment
  • Customers can opt in for an enhanced shopping experience
  • Hyper-targeted, personalized, and real-time
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Nomi Marketing

Understand the impact of your campaigns

Quantify how campaigns influence customers' in-store shopping habits
  • Measure how effective your offline marketing is at attracting new customers and increasing the loyalty of current customers
  • Optimize your offline campaigns just like you do your online campaigns
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Nomi Operations

Make the most of every location

Gain real-time analytics into store health to optimize performance
  • Ensure every location lives up to its full potential
  • Improve service and drive revenue
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A comprehensive location platform to enhance your in-store experience

Nomi offers a single platform to maximize the potential of your most important asset: your store. Measure how each investment in marketing, operations and service impacts every segment of your customer base from first time visitors to loyal fans. Launch proximity marketing campaigns that enhance the in-store experience for each of these customer segments.

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Gain a 360° perspective of your stores’ performance in order to optimize every investment in marketing, loyalty, service and operations.


Quantify how effectively you attract, engage and retain new diners in order to maximize the impact of every investment in marketing, loyalty, service and operations on share of stomach.


For the first time, measure how many visits to the lot your marketing campaigns generate and how effectively staff convert browsers into buyers.

How Nomi Helps Our Customer’s Customer

  • Shorter lines
  • More customized merchandise
  • Better trained associates
  • Deals that reward you for being a great customer
  • Find what you need quickly and conveniently
  • Bring each product to life with interactive experiences

A better experience

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